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School Nurses

At Rakegate Primary School, we work closely with the School Nursing Service who offer a range of support. All children are offered a height, weight and vision check when they enter full time school in Reception and also in Year 6. Dental inspections are also carried out. The nurses also support the delivery of the Sex and Relationships curriculum with Year 5 and Year 6.


Below is a statement from the School Nursing Service in respect of their work:


The aim of the School Nursing Service is to provide a high level of health care to enable school children to reach and maintain their full potential and not to be disadvantaged by ill health. Health care is delivered through health assessment, health education and health promotion.


The School Nurse is a registered nurse who has additional training and experience in child development and health education.


Any child, parent/carer or professional can make a referral to the School Nursing Service. Contact can be made at school or at the nurses’ clinic base.


All referrals are dealt with in a confidential manner


The school nurse can be contacted either through school or at Pendeford Health Centre (Tel: 01902 444025). 

When children start at Rakegate, parents/carers are requested to complete a proforma giving medical information that may be useful for the school to know. It also asks for a consent form to be completed to contact the school nurses. We ask that you always let school know if there are any medical or domestic matters which could affect your child’s welfare, progress, behaviour or performance in school.

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