Parent PE Event

On Wednesday 25th April, some year 4, 5 and 6 children joined their parents for a PE lesson with the Soccer 2000 coaches. This is what the parent thought of the event: Very nice to be a part of it. Had a good time, wished it could be more often." "Well thought out and organised. A fun event." "A wonderful opportunity to join my child today for a PE activity. Really enjoyed it, well organised and fun." "Lovely morning playing sports, interesting to see what the children do during PE." "Brilliant and amazing time spent with my kids." "Good teaching staff that had good interactions with the children, really got everyone involved." "Enjoyed playing with other team members and competing against each other. Thank you for this opportunity." There will be a similar event for Year 1 - 3 Parents on Wednesday 2nd May at 9.00am

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