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Eggciting News

Monday 15th May- We took delivery of 10 eggs. We put them into an incubator to keep them warm.


Tuesday 16th May- We waited and waited but nothing happened today. There was no sign of any cracks.


Wednesday 17th May- We came to school today to find 3 chicks had hatched. We were lucky enough to watch 4 more hatch during the day. Once their feathers had dried we moved them to the brooder box. The remaining eggs have small cracks so hopefully they will hatch over night.


Thursday 18th May- We came to school today to find the last 3 eggs had hatched. They are now all together in the brooder box. They have been happily chirping and running around, but suddenly it will be very quiet, as the chicks have fallen asleep. One chick even fell asleep midway through eating his dinner.