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Mission Statement & School Aims

Mission Statement

Rakegate Primary School is a happy, caring, community school which enables all children to develop their full potential academically, socially, spiritually and morally in a safe environment. We believe all children should experience an environment that engenders positive attitudes and respect towards one another and the world in which we live.


School Aims

Equal Opportunities – to ensure all pupils, irrespective of gender, ability, ethnicity and social circumstance, have full access to a stimulating curriculum and environment thus making the greatest possible progress.


Curriculum – to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that promotes high levels of individual achievement through the use of a wide range of learning and assessment strategies and appropriate resources.


Moral, Spiritual, Cultural – to develop an understanding and caring attitude to the world in which we live. To value and empathise with the world. To value and empathise with its diversity and appreciate the differences between each other. To become aware of moral values and to develop an awareness of oneself.


Independent Learning – to develop independent learners who are self disciplined, show a sense of responsibility and a motivation to learn.


Community – to foster a mutual trust and understanding with parents/carers and the local community through contact with local churches, schools, community groups etc. To provide opportunities to share and celebrate the life of the school and its achievements.